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The "Agenzia"


The Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza delle Ferrovie (ANSF) is the Italian National Safety Authority for railways. Based in Florence, with offices also in Rome and in other Italian main cities, ANSF is active since June 2008, according to article 4 of the Legislative Decree 10th of August 2007 no. 162 (the Italian law implementing the Safety Directive 2004/49/EC).

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport supervises the NSA activities. The Agenzia is technically independent from all the railway operators: it guarantees a non-discriminatory treatment to all the subjects related to the railway transportation.

Referring to article 6 of the Legislative Decree 10th of August 2007 no. 162, ANSF shall fulfil the following main tasks: 

  • defining the legislative framework for railway operational and technical aspects, cleaning-up the national safety and technical rules;
  • enforcing the adoption of regulations;
  • issuing the authorisation for placing in service of the structural subsystems and of the railway vehicles (according to the Interoperability Directive);
  • issuing the authorisation for placing in service of generic and specific applications, and the authorisation for the use of generic products and constituents;
  • issuing safety certificates enabling railway undertakings to operate on the railway, as well as safety authorisations authorising infrastructure managers;
  • carrying-out studies, researches and analysis in the field of railway transport safety;
  • making proposals and observations concerning railway safety;
  • cooperating with the European Union Agency for Railways (especially for the application of the 4th railway package);
  • qualifying the Verificatori Indipendenti di Sicurezza (VIS), the evaluation bodies as defined in article 3.1.i of the Legislative Decree 10th of August 2007 no. 162. 

But for some regional railways, the Agenzia has the jurisdiction over the whole national railway system. More specifically, accordingly to the Safety and Interoperability Directives, it does not have jurisdiction on:

  • metros, trams and other light rail systems;
  • networks that are functionally separate from the rest of the railway system and intended only for the operation of local, urban or suburban passenger services, as well as railway undertakings operating solely on these networks;
  • privately owned railway infrastructure and vehicles exclusively used on such infrastructure that exist solely for use by the owner for its own freight operations.

According to the Italian legislation, the jurisdiction concerning specific safety aspects is entrusted to other Public Bodies rather than ANSF, namely:

  • Ministry of the Interior for fire prevention and urgent technical assistance;
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for health and safety of railway workers;
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the civil public works.

All official documents issued by ANSF are in Italian language.

Some useful links to the Italian webpages are listed below.